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2018 - DHASNY News

2018 DHASNY Empire Conference
Save the Date November 2-4, 2018

DHASNY 2017 Empire Conference House of Delegates report by Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH

Called to order @ 9:30AM Invocation prayer and rememberance of Audrice Mendez Pledge

Dawn Thomas, sargent at arms Credential report:
22 Delegates, 8 guests, 2 students Quorum present Adoption of Standing Rules-moved and adoption

Adoption of Standing Rules of meeting having 2/3rds = adoption

Adoption of agenda-move and 2nd by our Danielle Murphy, agenda adopted

Intro of officers and directors

Intro of Annual Session Committee

Intro of Guests

Lorraine Cardhart: appointed to SBOD

Donna Hickey: appointed regional trustee on ADHA Board Michele Rase announced 50/50 raffle for IOH research grants & scholarships

Dawn Thomas announced HYPAC dinner and cocktails

Betty Kabel: Past President of ADHA announced a 50% discount to new members on dues.

Tiffany Kerns thanked all who brought items for raffle and silent auctions.

Adoption of 2016 HOD minutes

Presentation of slate of officers, delegates to ADHA

Nominations from the floor for officers:

Robin Grasso: VP of Governmental Affairs & Public Policy

Michele Rase: VP of Member Services

Anna Matthews: VP of Professional Development

Jean Hall: Treasurer

Cailin Brigman: Sec’y

Kathy Malico: Dir at Large

Kathy Malico, Millie Thaw, Cailin Brigman & Jean Garlock: all nominated for ADHA delegate

Ashley Grill - Presidents Address message: important to hear from all, build deep connections, network and build relationships for life. Inspire opportunity to work together.

New Business: Helen Schulberg spoke about Greater NY Courses including Olga Ibsin, Tom Violia, Maurine Archer and Anna Matheros at a cost of $45. Per course.

Presentation of President’s certificates

Recess: Motion to adjourn HOD 1st meeting, moved and 2nd adjourn till Sunday 11/5/17 @ 9am


NAME CHANGE OF DHASNY to NYDHA New York Dental Hygienists Assoc

Adoption of the NYDHA name

Reference Committee A Reference Committee B:PR#2:Adoption of Budget & PR#3: Approval of Assoc strategic Plan

Candidates Forum:Tiffany Kerns-Pres elect, Robin Grasso-VP Gov Affairs, Michele Rase-VP membership services, Jean Hall-Treas, Anna Matthews-VP PD, Cailin Brigman-Sec’y, Kathy Malico-ASHA delegate & Director at Large, Jean Garlock & Millie Thaw-ADHA delegate

DHASNY HOD Second Meeting Sunday Nov 5, 2017 Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY Call to order by Dawn Thomas @ 9:20AM 21 Delegates, 8 Guests, 3 Students and 2 Pages present

Quorum is present Betty Kabel, ADHA past president is welcomed and spoke about ADHA membership initiative: 23 new members signed up at this event! Invitation to Columbus, OH annual session

Reference Committee A Reports approval of PBY# 1 by Donna Burgess (of district 5)

Adoption of Resolution #3 motion to approve and 2nd

Danielle Murphy motion to approve PB #! w/ amendment: In odd years 5 component, in even years 4 w/names of components. Amendment passes & is adopted. By Laws approved as amended.

Vermell Ford moves to change business sessions section 1 to read 30 days instead of 14 vote and passes.

Reference Committee B Kathy Malico reports adoption/approval of resolution #2 Budget and #3 Strategic Plan 2018-2023 vote –approved

Report of Annual Session by Beth Kruger-235 attendees, 10 Table Clinics & 23 vendors

Unfinished Business; Michele Rase on IOH, NY is the top contributor/fundraiser Assoc.

Report of Tellers:Wendy Nupp reports on election of officers results:19 votes for Tiffany Kerns, 22 votes for Robin Grasso, 22 votes for Michele Rase, 22 votes for Anna Matthews, 21 votes for Jean Hall, 22 votes for Cailin Brigman, (22 votes for Kathy Malico DAL), 18 votes Kathy Malico for ADHA Delegate, 10 votes Cailin Brigman for ADHA Delegate, 9 votes Jean Garlock for ADHA Delegate and 6 votes Millie Thaw for ADAH delegate.

Announcement of Elections-same as above

Announcement of component Directors

Call to Annual Session 2018 by Beth Kruger-Nov 2nd thru 4th @ Syracuse Marriott

Installation of Officers & Directors:Donna DeGiola Pres, Tiffany Kerns Pres elec, Cailin Brigman Sec’y, Jean Hall treas, Michele Rase VP Membership, Kathy Malico DAL, Anna Matthews VP Prof Dev, Robin Grasso VP Gov Affairs & Public Policy, Ashley Grill Immediate Past Pres, Kathy Malico & Cailin Brigman for ADHA Delegates OUR NEW BOARD!

Adjournment at 11:11 AM

Education and fun at the
2017 DHASNY Empire Conference!!