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2019 - DHASNY News

NYDHA Annual Session 2018
Susan P. Burzynski, MSEd, FAADH, RDH

Educational Courses

On a whole, I felt the courses were outstanding; far better than in the past! The courses I attended were Plenary Life Long Learning Session: Risk Management-What The Dental Hygienist Needs To Know, Jump In, The Water’s Clean + You Can’t See Sterile, Getting To The Root of Implant Maintenance, and Anticoagulant, Antiplatelet, and Combination Antithrombotic Therapies: Considerations for the Dental Patient.

The Risk Management course, given by Kristin Minihan-Anderson, was ideal for both the seasoned and new hygienist. Yes, I carry malpractice insurance but not all hygienists (new or seasoned) are aware they should. Ms. Minihan-Anderson presented the audience with various scenarios, many all hygienists identified with, and showed how a hygienist could, or would, be responsible.

Jump In, The Water’s Clean was phenomenal! Given by Leann Keefer, the audience was shown many areas where dental team members fail to keep water lines clear of biofilm.

Getting To The Root of Implant Maintenance was given by Tami Wanless and was very good as well. Ms. Wanless spoke on Hu-Friedy air polishers that can clean both subgingival and supragingival.

The Anticoagulant, Antiplatelet and Combination Antithrombotic Therapies was another phenomenal course. If I had to make a suggestion for this course, I would highly suggest the speakers have handouts that followed their PowerPoint presentation. Their material was so intense and in-depth that trying to take notes, listen, and look up at the screen all at the same time was near impossible. This was one suggestion I made on the evaluation sheet. The speakers did site articles they collaborated on, where we could find information they were presenting; I have intentions of searching Dimensions of Dental Hygiene for these articles.

The Legislative Luncheon, presented by Mary Otto and Robin Grasso, was very informative. Ms. Otto spoke of Deamonte Driver who passed away due to lack of dental care. Ms Otto mentioned that there are 29 million poor children who are entitled to receive care under Medicaid and are not. Ms. Grasso spoke on issues NYSDHA is currently working on for the betterment of NYS hygienists.

Education and fun at the
2017 NYDHA Empire Conference!!